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It's Summer Season!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We will explain what the Summer Season means for us and for our fishing.

It's summer, That means different types of Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo will be visiting us!

Most our Pelagic fish species are migratory.

Migrations usually occur during full moon and when strong currents flow from the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

This means that when pelagic fish come near shore you will see them chasing Scad Mackerel, Flying Fish and Pilchards, so bait run is important to watch and birds feeding out of these feeding frenzies. These are one of the things we target to have a better success rate.

Wahoo are active during full moons ranging from 200FT to 450FT of Depth. , Mahi and Tuna are active near the FADS Buoy (fish aggregation device) ranging from 1500 FT to 2500 FT of Depth.

But guess what? Curacao has one of the steepest drop offs ever. We fish 200 Yards from land and catch Pelagic Fish.

Weather and Ocean,

We are experiencing stronger winds then usual, but fish love rougher water and are active, put some sun protection on, your Costa Glasses and Face Cover on spot and let's go Fishing.

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